Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Signs of a hard working man

Most of you know that Neal is an accountant and I'm sure you know the only thing that really gets "dirty" during his day at work are the cuffs of his shirt sleeves. But, you also know that Neal isn't one to just sit around - he's typically always trying to fix something, mowing the lawn, working on the fence etc.
Our truck died on Friday night after he got off work -no luck starting it with jumper cables. Big thanks to Norm who went to pick him up - with a drive by the Batman movie on the way home! :)
After researching what may be wrong he replaced the starter, popped the cluch he was off and on his way home tonight. These pictures are the result of about 4 hours of being under the truck trying to fix it!!!
Thanks to Papa Larry who is now on his way with Neal back downtown now to pick up the Bravada so we can have everything home tonight and not sitting downtown. Whew....he's a mess. I will say he did take a shower before getting into the suburban to drive! He looked much more normal! Gotta love a "Hard Working Man"

Monday, August 25, 2008

First day back to school

The girls first day back to school - you'll see that Sydney wasn't all that excited about getting her picture taken. She had a great day though!

After bath time tonight the girls had a little computer fun time....please take special note of the catalog that Samantha is checking out...a little Christmas preview edition of the JCPenney catalog - yes, filled with toys! She was pretty excited!

Gibbs Girls go bowling...





We had quite the busy saturday - ofcourse starting otu with our family roll up pancakes! We had 2 birthday parties in the afternoon that were so much fun! The day ended with the girls getting to go bowling - they loved it! We are definately going to take them back and next time bring some friends of their own age along.

Today was their first day back in the regular school year - Samantha started in a new class and did awesome! She received a very nice card from her previous teacher....I must say it was a very proud parent moment as I was reading the card. Her teacher (Ms Jessica) said the following..."Thankyou for all the support you did for my students in every single occasion we had. It was my pleasure to be with your child. Thanks for your trust. Samantha is the sweetest girl I've ever met. She impressed me with her personality, respect to each child wither poise, class and funny beautiful face and manners. I loved every single day with her and I wish her a bright future and also her sister. I respect every single person in your family. You spent alot of effort to raise your daugher and this is the result, wonderful children - it doesn't come from nothing - came from wonderful parents. I wish you the best and your children love to you all. Samantha I love you soooo much and when you told me "i will mis you" on friday it was worth millions to me...Love you, Ms. Jessica"

It was quite the proud parent moment that at the age of 2 she has impressed someone so much that they would write a card like this to her. I just pray that God continue to bless her life and that she grows in his will.

Thanks for letting me "brag" on my kids tonight - I just love them so much! Have a great day!
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's a crazy day

Today started out like any of our other saturday mornings...girls wake us up before 7:00, I try to get them to go play quiet which usually lasts for about 15 more min. I then get up and get things together to start our breakfast - yes, roll up pancakes and bacon. This morning however Aunt Jill was running late so didn't get to eat with us - she did make it - just had to heat it up in the microwave. I'm sure my family who's had these pancakes are surprised there was even any left coming late to a roll up pancake b-fast! :)
Neal's truck decided to die yesterday but, he didn't know it wasn't working ofcourse till he went to leave that evening. He was in training most of the day and was leaving late - most everyone had already left since it was Friday. Luckily his friend Norm wanted to to go a movie and went to pick him up. We've been looking at new vehicles for a long time and this was just the real kick in the pants to get things moving abit faster I guess. So, today has spent all day at the car dealership negotiating prices etc. We'd wanted to get something through my uncle but, things just didn't work out - sorry Uncle Randy! We'll have to see what he comes home with...we've been talking about getting something with a 3rd row seat to have more room when family comes to town. Too bad gas won't be dropping much further I'm sure....
So, while Neal was off car shopping I took the girls to run some erronds.....Sydney was doing great but little Samantha was another story...she wouldn't stop crying in Target that I had to just leave. I can't handle screaming kids in stores. So, off we went to the car ofcourse not being able to finish getting what I really needed. ugh! They are taking a nap now - hoping that my sweet little girls are the one's that wake up! :)
Off to two birthday parties this afternoon - it will be a busy evening.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's try it again...


Let's see if all the pictures show up - this is supposed to be a slide show - not sure that I did it correctly!
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GRHS Class of 1988 20 yr. reunion - part 2


Let's Go INDIANS!!!!
Here's a bunch of pictures from the class reunion weekend....this is something new so we will see how it works! Enjoy!
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Long time no "see"....

Sorry it has been nearly a week since my last entry! Whew...I blame it on the olympics! We have really enjoyed being able to watch together with the girls. Sydney asks to watch "gold swimming" every night now. Thanks to Michael Phelps! It's been fun starting to teach her about the countries around the world!

We had a busy weekend going to 2 baseball games! Friday we went to the Frisco Rough Riders - the girls really loved the fireworks at the end! They were really good. Samantha cried as we left walking to the car....the whole way asking for more fireworks in her cute little southern "drawl"! Then on Saturday we went to the Texas Rangers! We had fun spending time together this weekend.
Yes, for those of you who don't know it was my birthday this past Saturday....another year older! Wow...it's really hard for me to believe that I'm now offically closer to 40 than to 35 - no it's not 40 yet! But, watch out when the Big 4-0 does hit....I think God gave me Neal and the girls later in life to help keep me young. I so enjoy all my time that I have with the girls! I am really looking forward to all the memories we have to make together that are yet to come. Thanks to everyone who has been there for me these past few years as I have adjusted to many new changes in my life (loosing Mom, moving to Dallas, starting a new job at JCP, buying and selling a house, making new friends and cherishing the one's I already had, meeting Neal and getting married, have two of the most beautiful girls in the world, and all the other events that just happen day to day). So, to all of you who have touched my life I say "Thank you and I love you to the moon and back"!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Good Morning girls! One of the girls most favorite things to do in the morning is to be able to "sleep" abit longer in mommy & daddy's bed before going to school. The enjoy watching whatever is on Nickelodien (sp?. This morning was Max & Ruby....they hang out drink their milk and wait for me to come bother them to get dressed and do their hair. It was a good morning today though....everyone was in good moods. We've been trying to get the girls to go to sleep earlier - that's kinda hard when it's still light out at nearly 8:30 pm. I can remember being a little kid living in Grand Rapids and in the summer time up there I swear the sun never went down. My sister and I shared a room in our tiny house which had no a/c (up there we didn't really need it much). The picture of the house is where we moved when my family first moved up to Grand Rapids, MN in the summer of 1976. My parents would put a small box fan in our window backwards as if to "pull" the hot air out of our room - I still remember it being blue and really quite noisy because it had a metal frame. It was so hard to fall asleep because we were first of all mad about having to go to bed when it was still daylight to us and to top it off we could hear other kids still playing outside! ugh! That was no fun. One thing that was fun though was when we got abit older - Mom & Dad let Jill and I litterally move out to the camper in the summer time. We would get to sleep outside nearly every night all summer long! It was much cooler out there and way more fun too! I swear we had every stuffed animal out there that we owned too. Now that was a good time! My dad would occasionally come outside and try to scare us though by scratching at the camper and making noises - the first couple times it worked till we caught him! We had some fun times! I hope our girls think that they had some fun times as a kid too when they are grown. I hope they remember playing dress up, having tea parties, going to the zoo and playing in the pool. Hope you enjoy their little movie tonight - they were taking Maggie for a walk - mind you accessories were put on all by themselves tonight...so cute! Hope you have fun making family memories that will last a life time and shared for years to come!

Monday, August 11, 2008

GRHS Class of 1988 20 yr. class reunion

Where do I begin...as my girlfriends in TX would now say..."Hit me with your best shot!"
Neal and I headed up north to Grand Rapids, MN very early on Thursday morning of last week for my 20 year (yes, I said 20 years) class reunion. We stayed with my best friend since the 6th grade (Mrs. Quitney's class) and her husband Paul. They have built an incredible home and really made Neal and I feel right at home. We now call their home "The Frick Resort" and we'll be back there as soon as we can I'm sure. The weather was beautiful with a high of 74 or 75 and the low was somewhere in the low 50's. Much different than our more than 100 degree temps here in Dallas! I will admit - I was cold the majority of my time visiting! While I enjoyed just standing outside in the sun Sherry and Paul said at one point they had to go inside....it was just too hot! It was a scorcher as Neal put it more than once - with a temp of 74! hahaha It's all in what you get used to!
Thursday evening was met with a typical GR bon fire! What a great time to relax and see some friends that still live in GR. It was perfect for Neal to get to know a few people before the events began! Ofcourse the festivities went way into the morning hours with Neal and I ducking out around 1:30 am....I think the last of the crew left around 4:00am! whew....Friday was filled with chillin out with the Frick's, running to town abit and then off to the golf course to start the weekend off. What a great time of seeing friends that you've lost touch with and have a chance to catch up! Another late night which led to us being able to sleep in actually! yeah! Saturday was very busy - lunch at 11:00 at the Ground Round to meet up with some of my family friends and neighbors which was great! Then off to Katie's little girl Ann's 2nd b-day party....back to the Frick Resort just in time to shower and get ready for our dinner & dance! What can I say other than what a terrific time was had by all! The dinner was great, conversation was so funny, pictures were a blast and what more can I say about the dancing!!!!!! The 80's rock! There was a time that many of us felt like we were back in our high school gym just having a great time I'm sure! The class picture was followed by a loud yell of "Go INDIANS"!!!! The night came to a tearful end of having to say good bye much to soon! We weren't ready for it to end as there just wasn't enough time to talk to everyone...so, same time same place next year my friends?????
Love and miss you all! Thanks for making Neal feel so welcome so quick!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Heading up north.

Well, we had dinner tonight with Aunt Jill. The girls were great when we told them that they were going to hang out with Aunt Jill for a few days! They gave us our kisses and hugs and said bye like it was really no big deal. I about cried just there.

Neal and I are trying to get the strategic packing done so we don't have to pay to check a suitcase.....then off to bed. We have to wake up around 3:00 since we have to be at the airport no later than 5:00 am to catch our flight departing at 6:00 am! ugh! Gotta love the many flight options going up north! I am really looking forward to seeing all my friends from high school though! I'm sure there'll be pictures to come!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Trying to beat the heat....

Well, another scorcher today in Texas.....not sure what the acutal temp. was but, with yesterday hitting 107 I'm sure today wasn't far behind! Thankfully no black outs where I was today. It was however a great day at my house today....cleaning day! I love to come home after our cleaning people have been at our house! Although they don't typically get done till nearly 8:00 P.M. so - I try to keep the kids out of the house so they don't destroy things that they just completed cleaning! A new place opened up at a mall near by called "Jakes" - Neal described it as "chucky cheese on steroids"! So, we thought we'd try it out with the girls. They loved it - for all they knew it was just like Six Flags or Disney(without Cinderella ofcourse). There was a few rides for them and games to play. I had a $10 off coupon so, that helped bring the price down to pretty reasonable for the 4 of us. They were laughing and running around so much that we were laughing with them. We all had a great time! Then we came home to a wonderfully clean great smelling house! Gotta love mondays!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy 25th again!

It was a great weekend to hang out with friends and celebrate Neal's Birthday. We got to bbq, hang out in the pool, play some guitar Hero, sing some kareokee and have lots of laughs with our friends!
"The Girls" were all together (both young and old alike...okay I know I'm the oldest but, just go with me on that one)!
The singing just got funnier as the night went on and it was a pretty late one for us old folks....just too much fun and the little one's didn't want to give in early either!

Today was typical sunday and we just loved it.....after church we came home and had some lunch with Aunt Jill, the girls took a nap and we hit the pool! With it being the hottest day of the year so far at 107 if you were outside you'd better be in a pool somewhere!

Now back to our crazy work weeks - although this week will be a short one as Neal and I leave for Grand Rapids MN very early Thursday morning for my class reunion....it's going to be so fun! (Thanks girls for getting me ready...hit me with your best shot....come on!) :)