Sunday, February 22, 2009

One step closer

Today was one of those days in a remodel that you just don't feel like you are getting much done. Neal completed installing the baseboards - a long and probably boring task. We then decided that we would like to hang our tv on the wall so, off to Costco I went! Below is the result! Yeah! Nearly done - just have to run the wires through the ceiling and wall. Now Neal and I just hope we don't hear a crash in the middle of the night tonight!
Last night we all went out for dinner with a high school friend of mine! Dawn and I have known each other since the 1st grade! She came down from MN for a sales meeting for work. She loved the temps here too! She couldn't believe that the dafodilles are in bloom! We had a great time just hanging out and catching up together.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

a Big helper

Well, as you can imagine this remodel has been quite the family project! The girls want to be involved as much (or as little - depending on the day) that they can be. Sydney is the one that wants to be right there with Neal watching and learning what he is doing! The other night she was learning how to measure the baseboards before cutting them for the wall - she LOVED it! Not to mention she was really "dressed" for the occasion with princess gown and her saftey glasses! I can remember being about her age hanging out with my Dad out in the garage too! He'd give me a hammer, nails and my own block of wood and just let me pound away - that is till I smashed my finger, started crying and I'm sure my Mom had us both in trouble! I love it that the girls want to do so much with their Daddy...thanks Neal for being patient with them - they will never forget helping Daddy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moving back in.....yeah

My "Accessories" closet...I really wanted this cute chandelier to make it really "girly" but, it was too big - I'm going to keep looking! I have to say I really LOVE this!

Not sure what these spots on the pictures are...ugh!

A proud moment!

Well, this weekend was a VERY productive weekend at the Gibbs house! Tonight we were able to move back into our bedroom!! I am so excited to sleep in my own bed again and not in the girl's playroom. I am so proud of Neal for all the hard work that he's done on our bedroom. It looks totally different and we love it. Yes, we still have things to do such as doors on the closets, baseboards & crown molding but, we will keep working on it till it's done. It's nice to have all the big dust making projects over! And what great timing - our cleaning people come tomorrow! AMEN! The girls were having fun running and playing in the room before we put furniture in it...Sydney even got her "hipity hop" out and thought it was great to have so much open space! This was a wonderful Valentines Day gift and I just love it....thanks sweetie! I love you!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We definately had a busy one here. Started off with ofcourse a roll up pancake breakfast! It was nice to have Aunt Jill join us! Neal and I then proceeded to make our dinner reservations for our trip in May to Walt Disney World - the girls have no idea that we are going and they are going to go crazy! We've planned lots of dinners and lunches with different Disney Characters so, they will get lots of time with them that I'm sure we will all enjoy! Then we had lunch with our friends The Beall's! The girls had fun playing for a while. My big excitement was organizing my "accessories" closet! I can finally see everything! It's amazing what I'd forgotten about. Our wood flooring came in so, time to install...tomorrow! Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Johnson and Grandma Andi for the sweet Valentines packages for the girls! They really loved them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend...will post an updated picture of our bedroom tomorrow.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lots of updates

This is Sydney chatting with her friend Skylar from school at a b-day party today....she looks so grown up! I'm so not ready!

Well, it's been a while since I've's been abit busy around here. This past week I went to NYC for business and it was so cold! One morning it was only 10 degrees and that was w/out the wind chill. Needless to say I was happy to come home on friday evening to a warm 70 degrees! Neal and the girls had a good time while Mommy was away....eating dinner out each night! I will say I was so very impressed and HAPPY to come home to a clean house! Even the play room was clean! Way to go Neal! The girls have been really busy - last saturday we spent some time with our friends Karley, Ryanne and Aunt Lori at the zoo - what a great time! Today was spent at 2 friends birthday parties. Everything from bounce houses to bowling. I think the girls have had their fill of pizza a birthday cake for a while now! Can we say all sugar'd up! The girls also had a great time opening an early valentines day gift from Grandma & Grandpa Johnson. Filled with sea creatures that grow in water, a kids shower head for the bath tub, candy, notebooks (which they love), stickers and little lunch boxes! Samantha actually slept with her lunch box last night! So sweet! I've really taken a look at the girls this weekend and realized just how big they are (not that I don't see them every day) but, they are growing up! Now, if Samantha would just get potty trained I'd be all set! The crazy thing is she does great at school, church, aunt Jill's house...every where but with mommy & daddy!!!! ugh! I know I probably just need to get more strict on it too.....

So, our remodel is coming along - I'm sure Neal would say slowly but I am really impressed with all that he is doing and he's working so hard at it! We are close to having the 2nd closet completed...will be done tomorrow! I bought a cute light fixture for it - I hope it will work. I'll add a picture if it does! :) It's a total girl thing! This week he will finish texturing the ceiling and then painting the walls. We are hoping the flooring will come in this next Saturday. whew! Like I said it's been abit busy around here!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The remodel continues

Well, many have asked about an update on the bedroom's still going on! It's abit at a slow part - poor Neal! He's been working his butt off! All this weekend he worked on scraping the ceiling, sanding the walls (I don't think I've seen that much dust in my house) and now is what they call....floating the walls. Then will be time for the texturing! So, we are continuing to move along and will be very excited when it's done.
The weather here was so nice on Saturday that the girls and I (along with the Beall girls) went to the Dallas zoo. A good time was had by all! Sydney had been asking for I'm sure 2 months to go to the zoo. She was so anxious to see everything that she couldn't stand still to watch what ever animals we were at. It was fun and so nice to be outside and not be freezing!
I leave on Wed. morning for NYC for a few days - really looking forward to that! I've really missed NYC!! It's been nearly 3 years and can't wait! 34th street, H & M watch out!!!! :) Too bad I can't shop since we are doing so much on our house right now. My gift is my closet organizers! I'll take it though!