Monday, October 27, 2008

More weekend pictures

Here's the girls with their faces all painted from our Saturday trip to the arboretum...we all had a blast!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is Dedicated to the GRHS Class of '88

After more than 20 years (yes, you did read that correctly), I finally got to go see Rick Springfield in concert last night! Although when I woke up early to go to the Arboretum with Neal and the Girls I had no idea what the rest of the day would have in store for me! I thought Neal and I were going out for a wonderful steak dinner and then to a friend's house for her Halloween costume party. Little did I know that we would be picking up our friends Mark & Taylor to join us for dinner - nice surprise since we'd not seen then since their wedding earlier this summer. Then while driving downtown Neal asks us all to listen to his new cd that he'd picked up (by the way - thanks Mark for helping him with that one!)...Rick Springfield! I ofcourse loved it...then Neal hands me a piece of paper to took a minute to figure it out but, soon read that we were going to the Rick Springfield concert at the House of Blues that night instead of dinner and a costume party! It was such a great time! I had no idea and loved every song! Half way through the show Rick came down on the floor and yes, my cheerleader girlfriends from GRHS....I touched his arm! I felt like a little school girl to be so excited but, it was a great time! Thank you Neal for such a wonderful time! I love you! I did take a video of him singing "Jessie's Girl" check it out!! enjoy!

Before all the events of the concert we went together to the Dallas Arboretum - which I really think is one of the girls most favorite places to go - they get to run in the grass, play in houses that are replicas of houses long ago, eat a picnic lunch and just have a great time! This time of year there they have all kinds of things for kids - hay bail maze, face painting, crafts and more....check out our "scary" tiger and cat.....what fun! It's getting late - I will uplaod more pictures of the girls tomorrow...night!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

Today we joined our friends The Beall's at the Big Orange Pumpkin patch....the girls had a blast! We got to feed lots of very hungry animals, go on a hay ride, run in the pumpkin patch and have lunch with our friends. It was such a great day to be outside and just run around....and take lots of pictures too. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Let's all sing..

On Friday after we got home from school and work it was so nice that we went outside for a long time....ofcourse only after the girls got themselves "dressed up" to play! They were having a "performance" outside for me so, I thought I'd share it with all of you. They were having such a great time! And I loved it! I am so thankful for cameras that are also a video camera so I can try to "bottle up" the innocence of the girls to show them when they are older some of their favorite things to do - play princess!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's amazing what you can learn

It has been a really busy week here at the Gibbs house and yes, it's only Wednesday! On Mondays Sydney goes to gymnastics and loves it! Her favorite thing is the trampoline! And who wouldn't love that! Tuesday wen went over to Aunt Jill's house for dinner - she is leaving on Friday for a 10 day trip to Italy! Her and a friend from Colorado are going and they are going to have such a great time! Sad I'm not joining them...take lots of pictures! Tonight I stayed pretty late at work - lots to catch up on - it was very productive so that helps having to stay late. When I got home Sydney was on the computer and Neal was watching the debate. I asked Sydney if she'd finished all her homework which she was very proud to shout "YES!" She did have one more row to complete and the video is the result.....can you believe that she is barely 4 1/2 yrs. old and she is learning to write words! I was talking to her about once you learn all your letters they get put together to make words and then before long she'll be able to read books! She got very excited about that, ran to her room to get a book to read before bed and off she went....calling for me the whole way to come read her the story! I love it! I try to cherish these moments because as my friend Joanna said just yesterday they won't last forever! Yes, in only 10 short months Sydney will be starting kindergarten! I don't think I'm ready for that one! Enjoy the rest of your week - it's nearly the weekend!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a week....

Whew - I made it to the weekend and now it's already half over! What a week we've had at our house and we are all happy that today was Saturday. I had put in lots of extra time at work and Neal was great to pick up the girls from school Tues, Wed and Thurs. evenings! It was a huge help! This next week is going to be pretty tough too but, shouldn't have the late hours at work - just really busy days! We took the girls to see the movie "Beverly Hill Chihuahua" this afternoon - check it out...
We had a great time! The girls call it the chickiwawa" movie! so cute!

Aunt Jill came over this morning for pancakes which was great to see her - since she was out of town last weekend we'd not seen her in nearly 2 weeks! She's also leaving for vacation this coming weekend for a 10 day trip to Italy! I could have been going....bummer I changed my mind. next time!

Sorry - not very eventful today...maybe tomorrow will be more exciting.....enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gotta love livin in TEXAS....

Yes, you are looking at the calendar is October 5th and our girls were swimming in the pool all afternoon! Amazing! Today our church also celebrated their 100th Anniversary! The Church of the Nazarene has been established for 100 years as of now and we had a great service today - abit long winded but good. We had lunch together after and great cake for desert! :) I also got a great treat today - my girlfriend Lori Beall and I got to go shopping at the Galleria Mall today! Just the two of kids! As much as we love our kids it was so nice to have time" together! Even if it was only a few hours...thanks to Neal and Kevin for watching the girls! Have a great rest of the week!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin.....

I love Fall and all the fun that it brings! Today we took the girls to "Owen's Farm" where they had hay rides, animals to feed, pumpkins to play with and run around and hot dogs to eat for lunch! The girls had a great time! They wore themselves out (atleast for a little while). Then tonight after dinner they got to paint little pumpkins - they love that! The weather here is finally beautiful - we may not get any change of color on our trees but, the next month or so will be some of the best weather we have here in Texas and I'm looking forward to it! Happy Fall Ya'all!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And now, the rest of the story......

Just to clear the air !-------
In regards to Jodi`s childhood laboring,,,,,She was never forced to work--co-erced, perhaps, bribed, maybe, but always rewarded in ways she only appreciates now !!

Yes, the picture is from last year but, thought I'd add a picture of my Dad!

Love you Dad!